Worlds first ROCKLITE® Sundari acoustic guitar.

Vinnie Minotto talks with luthier Haydn Williams about the world's first faux Indian rosewood acoustic guitar made by him using ROCKLITE® SUNDARI for the back & sides and ROCKLITE® EBANO for the fingerboard and bridge.

Kiiras Instruments Katras series guitars advertised with ROCKLITE® Ebano fretboard

David Kennett of Flame Guitars talking about the benefits of using ROCKLITE® Ebano

Guitar fretboards, Ebony Vs ROCKLITE® EBANORory Dowling of Taran guitars making guitar fretboards with ROCKLITE® EBANO

What they say about ROCKLITE®. Stefan Sobell guitar

What Stefan Sobell says about ROCKLITE® Ebano

“My custom bindings are made for me by Steve Keys of Keystone Tonewoods Who uses ROCKLITE EBANO® in their construction. Whilst care is always needed when bending bindings, I find them far easier to bend than ebony. With none of the unpredictability and with little or no spring back. ”

This guitar was commissioned and bought by Mark Knopfler.

What they say about ROCKLITE®. Rory rocklite guitar

What Rory Dowling of Taran guitars says about ROCKLITE® Ebano

This is a man made product, made entirely from wood and is not vulcanised paper!
It looks the same as ebony, it feels the same as ebony, it machines the same as ebony,
it sounds the same as ebony, it even has grain direction, which for a man made board is just great!
But, its 100% sustainable.

When gluing this stuff, basically there’s no issues at all, if anything it glues a bit better than ebony, it’s fantastic!
Every glue that I have done tests with has been great with it from Epoxy all the way through to Cascamite.
So really good for guitar making, it’s ……..phenomenal stuff! Absolutely brilliant.

What Simon Burgun says about ROCKLITE® Ebano

What they say about ROCKLITE®. finished bridge

Following the advice of Jacky Walraet, from the CMB in Belgium, I've used Rocklite for the bridge of a Stauffer copy. I appreciated working with this material.
Sadly, I used pearwood for the fingerboard and painstakingly dyed it black, as on the original. So you won't be able to advertise the guitar as 100% rocklite. I must admit I regret that I didn't use rocklight for the FB. The fact that it's black all the way through makes everything so much easier. The next one for sure will have RL fingerboard and bridge. To be continued in 2017.
Simon Burgun

What they say about ROCKLITE®. MacPherson guitar

What Dan MacPherson says about ROCKLITE® Ebano

“ROCKLITE EBANO® Fingerboards are really good, they finish very well, are easier to work, and way more stable than ebony.”

Dan MacPherson.

MacPherson guitars.

What they say about ROCKLITE®. Lindsey Wilson fingerboard

What Lindsey Wilson guitars say about ROCKLITE® Ebano

Hi Steve, here is the neck and Dragon fly inlay in the rocklite fingerboard. Loved it! so good to use and finish, brilliant, 100% completely sold on this product. If you want too use a pic, no problem.

What they say about ROCKLITE®. Rob Williams guitar 2

What Rob Williams says about ROCKLITE® Ebano

I have to say that at first, I had my doubts about this but, not any more.
It looks like Ebony, only better, almost too good and, even feels like Ebony.

It works really well too. Cuts well, planes well, sands well, glues up well and takes a finish really well.No issues putting inlays and frets into it either.
All in all, great stuff.

What they say about ROCKLITE®. fylde mandolin3

What Roger Bucknall of FYLDE guitars says about ROCKLITE® Ebano

Just for fun we made a mandolin with back & sides and fingerboard made from Rocklite, and I have to say, IT DOES SEEMS TO DO THE JOB!

What they say about ROCKLITE®. dave coutts cue

What Dave Coutts says about ROCKLITE® Ebano

Well it works every bit as well as ebony, the grain is less directional, so if anything, it’s easier to plane.
I did run quite a few tests with a range of different glues, and to be honest, I found that it glued at least as well as ebony.
being a wood engineered product it was always going to be more stable than ebony.
It takes the polish really well, and with no more grain filling than ebony.

What they say about ROCKLITE®. ashcroft spindles

What AshcroftSpindles says about ROCKLITE® Ebano

“I make hand turned spinning tools for use in fibre crafts.
It's been an enjoyable journey, but challenging to get the right material for the job.
My competitors and I are constantly striving for that perfectly turned spindle which, most importantly, stays true long after it's turned.
But that isn't the only thing we look for. Beautiful, straight grain and depth of colour are up there with top requirements, so it was a good day for me when I discovered ROCKLITE® EBANO
It's so far proving to be faultless in my applications. It turns easily and behaves beautifully. It has grain and the colour stays true and consistent throughout. Also it's very easy to get a really good finish!

In addition, of course, there are the issues of sustainability and availability of the exotics we've been using. To say nothing of the falling quality and escalating price! So, all in all, this wonderful stuff solves a huge problem for me.”
Enid Ashcroft spindles.

What they say about ROCKLITE®. martin white fretboard

What Martin White says about ROCKLITE® Ebano

I'm not surprised that Rocklite is being talked about by the Luthier and Cue making fraternity!

I found it works very nicely, it's a joy to plane , no problem to inlay and my normal glue works perfectly .

I cut my fret slots by hand with the help of a little jig , no sign of any tear out , frets press in nice and clean . When finished I could not tell the difference between "Top draw" ebony And Rocklite.
Excellent product I will be using it!
Best regards
Martin White.

What they say about ROCKLITE®. Chris Eccelshall

What Chris Eccleshall says about ROCKLITE® Ebano

I've been experimenting with this new "ROCKLITE®" material , and am pleased to report that it is excellent. Looks & feels like ebony , cuts saws & sands like ebony , but as it is wood engineered product, it doesn't have the inbuilt flaws and instability of natural wood. Also bends easily, & retains its shape.

And all this without having to cut down any precious rain forests!
Its win-win all round!
Chris Eccleshall

What they say about ROCKLITE®. tim curtis cue

What Tim Curtis cue maker says about ROCKLITE® Ebano

Hi Steve,
Just bought another lot of Ebano and some veneers, thought I'd show you the first Amber Plate cue, no. 000, with an Ebano butt. Well happy with this stuff!


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